Vestliahallen600 sq.m650 persons450 persons500 persons600 persons
Vestlia split into 2300 sq.m330 persons220 persons220 persons280 persons
Conference halls
1, 2, 3
210 sq.m250 persons270 persons150 persons200 persons
Conference halls
1, 2
150 sq.m160 persons100 persons
Conference halls
2, 3
120 sq.m110 persons70 persons
Conference hall
90 sq.m90 persons60 persons
Conference hall 260 sq.m50 persons40 persons
Conference hall 360 sq.m50 persons40 persons
Conference hall 480 sq.m60 persons50 persons30 persons
Board room48 sq.m35 persons24 persons24 persons
Group room30 sq.m 30 persons14 persons
Kai Fjell-salen220 sq.m130 persons
Gommostugu50 sq.m40 persons30 persons30 persons20 persons40 persons
Skarvegrotta120 sq.m90 persons50 persons70 persons
Penthouse Hamsun200 sq.m40 persons25 persons30 persons
Penthouse August/Victoria160 sq.m25 persons8 persons
Roof terrace800 sq.m

Capacity and layouts

As you see from the capacity overview in the different meeting rooms, it depends on the layout you wish to have in the room.

Theater layout is the one that can seat most people, if you do not need interaction between the participants, but want attention towards a board, a flip over or similar. Best suited for lectures, watching films or web pages, as a part of a course or a conference.

Classroom layout gives a somewhat lower capacity than the theater layout, but this layout makes it possible for more interaction between the participants. The classroom layout also gives the opportunity for a little more “free movement” among the participants.
U-shape layout is definitely the best solution if you wish to have the opportunity for full interaction and discussion between the participants. At the same time, this is also the most space-consuming layout.
As the organizer, it is up to you to decide between the advantages and disadvantages the different layouts offer, and what degree of interaction you want between the participants in your event.

Prices for courses & conferences

We have different prices according to different days and seasons. Please contact our salespeople to receive a good offer – we have the capacity to host you and your meetings- or conference participants.

Booking manager, Erika Eriksson: