Welcome to our magical ice and snow experience! Surrounded by magnificent scenery – experience a taste of winter in the middle of summer!

Touch the glittering ice

See the magical ice art and light show inside the glacier

Feel the tingling cold

Hear the fascinating sound of ice crackles

Experience the magnificent sight of Hallingskarvet National Park and the mountain Hallingskarvet

Enjoy the view of Geilo National Park Village from the spectacular elevator ride up and down from Geilotoppen.

Ticket sales:

Taubanekroa at Geilo lift, 5 minute walk northwest of Geilo Station.

Geilo Tour, the counter to Geilo Holiday

Geilo Summer Park in Vestlia

Admission (includes lift roundtrip):

Adults NOK 180, –

Children / seniors (5-15 years and 62+ years) 90, –

Children 0-4 years Free

Family 2 adults and 2 children NOK 390, –

Groups 10 people + NOK 150, –

Opening hours:

Every day at 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the period 1 June – 15 October.

The experience starts at Taubanekroa at Geilo lift. Here you will be given a heat-insulating jackets to keep you warm inside the glacier. It will also protect you from wind and weather during the elevator ride to Geilotoppen. The temperature inside the glacier is around – 4 degrees and will be perceived as an exciting contrast to the summer weather outside. After a magical walk with many surprising impressions, you come out to a lookout plateau where you look straight into the Hallingskarvet National. Geilotoppen is located 1070 meters above sea level and you are thus 280 meters above the center of Geilo. There are several great vantage points in the area with views both west and east. The experience ends with a spectacular elevator ride down to Taubanekroa.

Contact Info / booking:

Geilo Holiday

Phone: 32090000